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It was long, I forgot what 8 hours felt like.  It was a long day.  I did good though.  It is a lot of information to learn and it isn’t very entertaining. 

I learned I have to figure a way to get some exercise, this could be rough on my toosh.  I won’t over eat though, so should be good.

I am still nervous for tomorrow with Kyra going to childcare for the first time.  I think she will be fine even though I am nervous.  She will probably have a really fun day.

I have actually been working on my site here a few hours tonight.  I have tried out different looks and well, I don’t like them.  I like this one.  I have decided that I am going to work on changing this one out to fit my new needs versus using a totally new look.

What should I put as my picture at the top though, I have no idea.  I am thinking of doing something like spring flowers or a photo of some thing from my rock collection.  I don’t really want a picture of me there nor a picture of Kyra even though I think we are both sort of appropriate for here, we both change our looks almost daily.  LOL…

Well, I am going to bed.  Night.