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Well, I have survived all the mornings this week. We did the fire drill this morning and it went off without a hitch, which is great. I am really tired though, this driving so much will wear you out. I think especially the first week….everything is new for these kindergartener’s which are my biggest challenge.

Here is a picture of me that was taken on Monday evening…I was dead tired at the time. It is however my favorite picture taken this week, which goes to show you how awful my pictures are this week. I put myelf in my floral frame, it is a pretty frame, but not sure if this is the right image for it. Oh well, there I am….hee hee. We went to Jonathan’s football scrimage, that is where I got this picture taken.

I went to bed early last night, so today will probaby be a great day. We are going to the bank after my last route today and putting all our bills into one payment. It should make me feel better financially with stuff. We are doing okay though and now that summer is over, things only look better. Next summer will be easier than this one and I won’t have to do all the piddly extra jobs. I am going to just spend the whole summer playing with my two year old.

Well, now my life seems far from boring here recently. I do however have a feeling, that it will be fading into complete boredom here soon with nothing new going on. My September calendar is pretty empty with only two things on it. The Central Penn Rock show and another rock auction. I am joining the local MOMS Club, so we are going to do some of there park day events this month. Hopefully it won’t be too cold. We seem to be going from way too hot to way too cold. I hope that doesn’t stay. I love the fall and spring temperatures. We have also decided that we are going to the pool every Thursday evening from 7 to 8 for the winter, so that should start next week.

Well, that is my life…Bye.