Select Page Well, today started like most Sunday’s for me. I slept in slightly. Adam was trying all the small sized coats from Kyra’s closet on her, so this is what she looked like.

We went to check out Circuit City and if they were opened yet because I was sent a job to do there even though I thought they weren’t open yet. Well, it turns out I was right they weren’t open. They only have a shell of a building. It is going to be great though, as I love that store. I guess that could ultimately make it terrible to be so close to be. I will be broke, so we can all thank the local Circuit City for that in a few weeks.

We came back ate the buffet lunch at the American Legion which I joined recently. I wanted a place we could eat out that is very very local and reasonably priced and it fits both bills. I qualified to join, so I did. We got a great meal and it was less than $15.

We went to Walmart to get a few things..eggs, powdered sugar, and hair dye. Well, we spent over hundred dollars, so that didn’t go so good. Oh well, I guess we will eat for a few more days. when we came home I dyed my hair. I went lighter this time than my normal color as to match Kyra better. Ha Ha… I don’t know if I like it or not as of now. I have looked at it like 3 or 4 times though and that is it. This is a picture of me like 2 minutes ago sitting at my computer like I still am doing.

We went to my neighbors than later though and watched football. The Giants lost, boo. We wanted them to win. We than fried catfish and glazed some carrots and ate there. It was delicious.

Now, I am home and ready to go to bed. I feel myself getting more tired and more tired. I guess I put this on here everyday though as I do usually type my messages only minutes before I go to bed.