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Today was a good day. However, sort of a bad day too. I got in a half fight with Adam where we both claim the other doesn’t care about something, well we both claim the other not to care about our house. He claims I don’t care because I am sort of a slob. I claim he doesn’t care because he is okay with the wall being pale white and never ever being painted or with stuff never being updated and remaining exactly the same for well forever. Well, we are both right and we are both winners and both losers in our worthless half fight. I say half fight because our fights are sort of funny with nobody raising there voices or anything we like fight all calm. It is sort of humorous.

I sold 21 fish today to the pet store. I was sort of disappointed though as the store still had some from the last time I sold them some. They must not sell to many fish. The ones I am giving them are very nice. They were given some of the brothers and sisters to the fish I took today. Well, fish do sure grow faster in my aquarium than those of the fish store. They looked healthy there, but the fish from the same litter (Is it a litter when they are baby fish born at the same time??). Well, anyways.. the fish I gave today were more females, so maybe that explains the differences. I try to get rid of my males quickly so mostly males went last time…I don’t need a tank full of male fish, so I guess I gave them more females today than I did last time. The girls were really nice today, so hopefully they will sell quick as I do like taking fish to them.

Kyra was really cute today. She seems to keep getting cuter. I find it amazing everyday how she keeps getting cuter and doing such cute things. She is starting to be more vocal and will give these screams. They are so cute. She also plays like lizard with you slithering her tongue in in out of her mouth. She thinks it super funny when something sort of unexpected happens, like you fall or jump out in front of her or a ball should bounce off your head. These things are just so funny that she can’t control her laughs. I love her so much…. I didn’t know I possessed so much love. It is sort of silly, I know. LOL…

Well, me and Robin went and talked to all the neighbors about what happened to the dog. I now feel like why did I go, but I know I have to support my friend and neighbor and it did happen in my yard. I don’t know how involved I want to be though with strange occurances. However with all that being said….I am still pretty freaked out. I wish we just knew who was in the yard. It isn’t about the dog for me. It is just simply about who was in my yard. I hope to think it would just be a hunter on his way home or a totally innocent reason. I do think though that if this the case…wouldn’t they have just came forward and admitted such?? I mean it isn’t like the dog was one that you wouldn’t need to protect yourself from and it was loose. I could see someone hitting it and whatever to protect themselves. I have a problem only with why were they there and why didn’t they just come forward… I don’t think we will ever know though.

Well, I am going to go ahead and get off here. I am going to bed on time tonight and sleeping well. I am going to get Kyra her Halloween costume tomorrow, so it should be a fun day. I need my rest… Night.