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We went fishing on the boat yesterday. Kyra was with her dad.  It was so fun.  It is so peaceful to be out sitting on a lake on a boat reading while they fished.  I got sunburnt on my foot, but it was worth it.  I could have jumped in accidentally, but the water was to cold and I think I would have given Robin a heart attack.  She is a bit nervous with the boat movement, so I tried to be still.  I did pretty good.

It was Steve’s birthday, so we fixed steaks for dinner after we went and got Kyra.  The whole day was pretty fun. Kyra ate a really big piece of birthday cake.  She thinks it is somebody’s birthday every day.  She sometimes wakes up saying “Happy Birthday” and then I tell her whose birthday is that day or that it isn’t anyone that we knows birthday and that her birthday is in July.