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I have bee working on my theme this morning.  I changed it from a fixed width to a fluid width. 

It was easier than I thought.  Here is what I did.

  1. I positioned the side bar as absolute left.
  2. I changed the wrapper to 95%.
  3. I changed the content to 70%.
  4. I made a content margin of 250 pixels. (My sidebar is 230 pixels.)
  5. I changed the header giving it a 95% width, but with a 100 pixel margin on both sides.
  6. I uncentered the splash image. (The back end of the bus picture you see above.)

So, let me know if you have any errors on your screen with these new changes.  I have always liked fluid width better and none of my posts are so short to warrant a fixed width.

It still should look good for those viewing at 800×600 because I left the splash image size alone and all my other images should self adjust to be in a clear position.  Hoping, hoping….LOL…