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School was hard for me. I was a nerd. I was picked on a whole lot although looking back I probably deserved some of it. Not nearly all of it though…

I like life so much better now. It is great being a grown up nerd or I like geek better. You don’t seem so bad when you are adult.

I like being able to make my own decisions even when they are wrong. I like the ability to walk away from uncomfortable situations. In school, it is like you are trapped and no matter how uncomfortable it is you still have to show up the next day.

School sucks, but that is the good part of it. If they don’t turn you into a complete pansy and you make it through. You will be okay, just do make it through. It is worth it to complete. You don’t have to be the smartest of the fastest or the prettiest all that is superficial and doesn’t matter when you get out of there. Out here, nobody cares about your accomplishments in high school or any other school really. (Unless we are talking college administrators of course…but they only pretend to care about that stuff. They like seeing the color green as in money more than any grade score you ever had or will have.)

Yeah it is fun to hear some high school stories now and again, so keep those.

Well, I going to check e-mails and look at my Kyra pictures from today. I might just post a couple of those in a few minutes if they turned out.