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 I was always under a wrong impression of foreclosures.  Foreclosure, I thought was good for the real estate market but I have recently learned foreclosure is terrible for the housing market.  The rise in foreclosures will make banks tighten the purse strings and it harder for people to qualify for new home loans, so less qualified people will be available to buy homes.  I don’t know why I was under the impression of the opposite.


Anyways, I learned from an agent.  You might not have an agent you can truly trust to talk to at any time like I do…so the good people in at GotTroubles are always available when you need them, to provide valuable information about foreclosure and many other topics too. (They even won this 2007 Top Troubleshooters Award.)  They will be able to ease your anxiety’s and make the process more smooth for  you should you be faced with this.

I don’t really know anyone who has went through foreclosure.  I know that when we got this house we were trying to get a house that was foreclosed.  It sort of sold out from under us. Now looking back,  I am pretty glad it did.  I would have been even more in the country than I am here and I wouldn’t have had as nice a view.  I love it here.  I think it would be so so very stressful to be in the middle of foreclosure and without being able to afford the house you had, how would you afford the new place to live…oh, it would suck.  I think we are lucky to live in the Internet age, where you can search sites like GotTroubles out and find information about important topics like Foreclosures.