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Here is the fountain at Shippensburg University. It is right in front of the main administration building. I am looking forward to spring when they turn it on, but it sure is pretty for winter. Although my picture is a little crooked, I still like it.

Today was a good day.

We went and did a mystery shop lunch. The place had good service, so gets good reviews from me.

We than rode with a bus route. Kyra cried a little. We both have a bit of a cold and I think it is affecting her. It makes her cry a little easier. The cold is going around though. It doesn’t seem anywhere near as bad as what went around last year though. I was super busy last year and this year seems sort of slow. It should pick up though with sports coming up.

I made a new recipe of Maple Glazed Carrots. I never knew it was so easy to cook carrots and have them turn out good tasting. It is like they melt in your mouth. So, now I have mastered meatloaf and carrots. That isn’t so bad a meal is it?? I had chicken with my carrots tonight though, breaded chicken fingers. My normal stuff.

I have a whole thing of self-rising flour that I got for biscuits awhile back in my fridge, so now I need to find recipes that will use that.

Well, I am probably going to go to bed early tonight. Both me and Kyra have a bit of a cold and aren’t sleeping to our full potential.

Night. Posted by Picasa