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Today I didn’t spend a single penny.  That is a good thing.  Well, maybe I did.  I gave Adam money today.  I am not real sure that I should have as I still feel our agreement is pretty fair, but he is going through rough times because he doesn’t really know how to manage money.  I hope that by giving him some it will help him get his finances in order.  Who knows….though.

I know all my friends, that I told what I did yelled at me.  I am not fighting with Adam though, so I guess I just did what a friend would do.  I want to always consider him a friend and I hope he would do the same for me, if I needed it.

Ok, so he came and got Kyra at 9:30.  Stan has his surgery next week, so I think things in his house are fairly stressful.  All the stress though has seemed to leave my house completely. 

My stress is coming from looking for a job which is first shift.  I have never had to be so specific before, so today I pretty much got a job offer for 2nd shift.  I won’t be taking it though, I’ll find something in my time frame.  I guess, I just have to be patient and keep smiling.

I did all my store jobs today, so I serviced 5 stores.  It went very quickly though probably as quick as it ever has.  Which is probably bad because it is so close to Christmas time.  I should have to be in the stores for longer periods of time.  Anyways…it was fast and I was done.

I talked to Lyn and they were going to lunch at the Treat, so I went in and they bought my lunch even though I was totally prepared to buy my own.  So, I ate lunch with Lyn and her grandma.

I went from there home and on my afternoon routes.  I really should take a photo of the inside of my bus, the elementary kids have decorated it with construction paper snowflakes and strings of paper rings in red, green, and white.  It looks pretty festive, now to only sweep it out.  LOL…  I am a failure in that department.

I came home this afternoon, went did my last store service, and grabbed Kyra up a few hours early.  We came home cooked super and now are playing with the dog while I type this.

I am still not feeling 100% although I do classify myself as better.  I am going to go to bed early though and probably sleep all the way to the alarm.  Have a great night.