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So first thing this morning I went and got Kyra.  That was all fine and good.  I was back by 9, which was nice.  We relaxed for a few hours.  I told Stan I would take him to lunch though.  I didn’t feel like cooking and I hadn’t taken him to lunch in awhile.

We went to Friday’s that just opened in Chambersburg.  We sat at the table closest to the door which I don’t think they even recognize as a table.  The service was absolutely terrible.  This is a new location and the whole atmosphere basically sucks, the wall mural is about the ugliest thing I have ever seen in my life.  It has quotes on it, but the molding of the wall interrupts them, so you can’t even read the full quotes.  It is so stupid.  Yes, I was paying attention to the wall while we were waiting. 

Here is how bad the service was, the drinks came after the food.  I ordered a dessert ice cream for Kyra because she ate so well.  I had to order it 3 times before it actually came all the while Kyra was fussing, but fussing was basically the words “Ice Cream” over and over and over because I had told her it was coming.  How wrong can I be?? 

I would have not left any tip, but the school principle came (from the school I drive for) and was eating at the next table.  I didn’t want the waitress to slip some stupid comment about me, so I left $2 which is a terrible tip from me.  I am generally not that bad a tipper when left to my own. 

It basically sucked though.

To top this off, before we got out of the parking lot.  Kyra had puked her entire meal on herself.  She has never puked that I knew of before like this, so she was freaking out.  I had to go pay my Kohl’s bill, so that was the next stop anyways.  I got her out and calmed her all down.  Cleaned her off best I could.  We than went tramping into Kohl’s with her all stinking.  I went straight to the clothes her size and she got a new outfit.  I paid my bill.  We left the visit was very short.

I think I could have been embarrassing myself in Kohl’s with my behavior.  I was jumping with Kyra and bopping my head to the elevator music in sync with Kyra of course.  I realized as I was walking to the car that I could not have did that trip in the store 10 years ago.  I would have been all panicky with a stinky kid.  I think as I get older I am loosing my ability to be embarrassed…is that something that is supposed to happen??

She was in a better mood when we got back to car.  I cleaned her seat out better and around her seat. 

I think she just ate too much, but not sure.  She does have a little cold.

onlineoff We came home and the rest of the day has been relaxed.  It is nice though sometimes to have those days.  I have some photos from today, but they are on my purse camera.  Yeah…I have a camera that stays in my purse.  I don’t feel like tramping up and getting them.  Here is my logo for today instead, so you have something visual to look at.

I have talked to about everyone today though as well.  My phone has been ringing off the hook almost.  I have talked to multiple people that I usually only talk to once a year today.  I didn’t call them either, which is very strange.

I am going boating tomorrow though, so it should be a different sort of day.  I love boats, it will be cold.  I hope I can get in the boat without getting wet.  LOL…  It was very warm today though, so if tomorrow is anything like today was.  I will be fine not even slightly cold.

My cat has decided she isn’t mad at me anymore today as well.  She has been chancing her luck around Deuce all day which has been going okay.  He came at her once, but was immediately grabbed and taken outside to be tied.  He has been good since.  I think he will learn quick that you can’t chase her.  She isn’t defenseless either, her claws are all intact and fully functional.  She tested them on my legs.

Well, don’t forget to set your clocks tonight.  I am all ready for that extra hour of sleep now.  Have a great night…