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Kyra is the cutest frog ever. I will take better pictures on Tuesday. She didn’t like keeping the hood up with the big frog eyes and this was at about 8 pm which is past her bedtime, so I just let her be. This picture is from Thursday though when we went to the Walmart Trick or Treat Event. It was really a nice thing for them to do, great PR that is for sure. They should have had more prizes though for as many people that showed up. They only had 5 or 6 and there must have been 500 kids there. It was fun though. There were quite a few kids that rode my bus there, but not nearly as many that said they were coming. The two girls in the background of this picture ride my bus, so there are 2 of them.

Well, that was Thursday. It was basically a boring day besides going there.

Friday, well that was a doubly boring day. We did nothing at all, but drive bus and come home.

Today though was more exciting. We went to the bank this morning and opened a Health Savings Account like I have been going to do for like a month. Now to get Adam to sign it and take the papers back. That will be done. We are going to get part of Adam’s pay direct deposited into that starting this month.

We than went to the rock swap at the South Mountain Fairgrounds. That is a beautiful fairgrounds, we should go to that fair. It would be the Adams County Fair, I believe. The fairgrounds that are close to our house aren’t all that nice. The swap was really good. There were a whole lot of dealers this year, more than the past 4 years that I have went. They said they had lots of stuff to get rid of I believe them. I bought $18 in slabs for my kitchen counter that I am working on getting enough stone for. I probably have enough for half right now. I am really excited about getting my counter done in the type of rocks I collect. It will look so cool.

Well, now I am working as a designated driver. They haven’t called yet for the return ride, but that should happen soon. I am driving my neighbors camper, there are 16 people coming back in the ride. It is sort of funny because I feel like you know that little van with the immigrants in it. How many people can you fit in there?? Well, they have to sit in coolers in the center to fit. If I unloaded in a public place, I am sure we would get looks like “Wow”. It is sort of funny…I am wondering how they will be with all of them drunk when I get them canned in there tonight. I called Lauren to come watch Kyra sleep for the return ride tonight. I was going to take Kyra, but the heat doesn’t work in the front of the camper, so I won’t make her endure such coldness when she is half asleep and it might actually be going to sleep all through the night.