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This picture does not do poor Asheley any justice at all. You can not see the magnitude of her sheer size.  She is in agony with this pregnancy.  I have decided I literally have no idea how she can hold herself up with this belly and gigantic full udder.  We are hoping she has these babies like now.

Here is Misty.  She appears in less agony, but is equally pregnant.  This is her first pregnancy, so she seems to be doing well with it. 

Goats usually only have one baby there first pregnancy.  (Asheley had twin boys her first pregnancy though. This is only her second pregnancy.) 

We are hoping for some baby girls out of these gals this year.  We will probably keep a girl or so from either.  I look forward to seeing the colors of the babies.  The babies dad was a white goat. 

We are ultimately going to give up Asheley though to the people who got her bred for us.  They loved her and she is a true milk goat which will fit in there farm. She isn’t related to any of their goats and we really don’t like her that much.  She is 4 years old though.  I got her when she was a baby.  She was an adorable baby…let me find a picture.  I know I have one younger than this, but she is real young in this picture.  It was taken September 2003.  Asheley has never been real friendly.  She isn’t mean, but she is skiddish and has never really taken to anyone.  Which….if you know.  Our goats are more pets than farm animals, so this sort of makes us sad.

Anyways…one more picture from the barn and I am done.  This is Beaches the mother to our inside cat that you see with Kyra all the time.  She lives outside and because it is so cold has been in the barn a whole lot lately.