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Here is a left over picture from Saturday.  I forgot I had taken.  This is special because it is the first time we mowed this year.  Woo Hoo….huh?  Spring has sprung.

My morning routes went fine a lot of kids slept on the bus.

We cleaned a whole lot during the day.  I will put pictures of this tomorrow maybe…I didn’t take any today.  We have decided to move the office into the basement, so I am getting all that ready for me because as you all know…I spend a whole lot of time in front of this screen and if it is in the basement that is where I will be.  My only real concern is the temperature down there, but I will adjust or just wear sweaters all year.  Today though the computer is still up here and we have a few more weeks, but it will go shortly.  We moved my portrait studio stuff from the finished side of the basement to the unfinished side.  We swept all that down there and cleaned a whole lot.

Remember when we had all those flies in January.  I wrote about them in this post and this post.  Anyways, I found all there little cocoons today in the basement.  Aaaahhhh gross huh?  We vacuumed them all up though.  They were in the fireplace and around there.  It sort of feels go to know where they came from because back when I though I was loosing my mind.  Now, I know I wasn’t and they did come from somewhere.

Today driving in the afternoon, I wanted to pull my hair out.  What they feed these kids as school really needs to be altered.  I have a bunch of sex craved 2nd graders and throw in some cursing and that is all you need for a fun ride home with 60 kids.  Now add in that they close our bus circle and we have to load our busses in a parking lot with all the parents who are angry that we are taking there spot and making them wait, makes it this whole bucket of fun.  Today was the first day without the bus circle…not having the bus circle put and extra 15 minutes or so on my route over all.  That just totally sucks…. it has to improve tomorrow.  It is just crazy.

I got home and went to Sears for my extra job.  I have to take my camera, so here are shots of Kyra in the mall.

  She took her shoes off and made herself home in the garden furniture section.

 She loves these sit in toys that are in the center of the mall.

  Adam and her shared ice cream.  How did I catch her with her mouth so wide….LOL.

My job went smoothly.  The store didn’t even carry the thing I was looking for, so that makes them super easy, just have the manager sign the paperwork saying it wasn’t in stock.  The manager was somewhere far away though, so I had to wait a bit for her to come around.  Still so easy and worth it….I get to make a few dollars and get my family out.  That is worth it.  LOL…

We came home.  Here I am and I am going to bed as soon as this posts.  Good Night…