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Woo Hoo…. I have officially been assigned a full time school bus run. I start it on around the 20th. I knew the current driver doing this run had his house for sale and was moving to TX, so I was anticipating getting this run. I however had no idea when. It is a wonderful feeling to have a date.

Sorry, I should have taken a fresh picture of my bus. I surely will as a fairwell photo.

I will now have a almost brand new bus well, it is a 2004 one, but it has a stumpy nose. It will feel new to me. It is a diesel and has only like 20,000 miles on it. The bus in this photo for example is over 10 years old and have almost 200,000 miles, so my new bus will surely feel like a gem to drive. I have not driven a bus newer than 6 years old ever.

I am going to go to bed now early as I am really tired. Kyra has a slight cold and had a rough day. I anticipate another rough day tomorrow, plus I have to ride with my new run in the morning to learn it throughly before I do it. That means getting up at 5:00. Blah isn’t that way to early?? When I start to drive it officially. I will have to leave a little after 6, so early will be my new thing everyday really.

Well, night. Posted by Picasa