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 Today, my bus routes went as usual.  They are doing construction on the bus circles though now, so starting Monday we will be dropping kids of in the parking lot which will be weird.

It was a gorgeous day out today.  The sky was this awesome blue color.  I need to remember today in a couple days when they are predicting more snow…blah.

My neighbor kids were out playing baseball.  I don’t know what they think of me all the time with my camera.  LOL…  Isn’t this a great shot though, he looks so focused.

I had Kyra all bundled up in my jacket.  She likes piggy back rides and can hold on like a little monkey, so I was trying to wear her out.  I put on my jacket with the tight waist band so she can’t fall and have her holding on my back…her on the inside of the jacket.  It is unbuttoned mostly, so her head is out the top equal to mine.  We walked around for about an hour like this.  She just loves it.

So, while she was holding tight.  I took some macro photo shots.  This bud image is my best one (from today).  I love narrow depth of field in images.  It is a weakness and macro shooting makes these look pretty good at least in my opinion.

Adam took his dad back to his house for the last 5 weeks.  He will be moving officially after his next doctors appointment which is May 10 or 12, somewhere in there.  He was ready to come today though, so I think he is really happy to be coming which is good actually.  I want some time though to get the room cleaned out and ready and also to get ready mentally.

It isn’t going to be a huge change in some ways because he really doesn’t bother anything.  He can hardly walk, so he mostly sits and watch’s TV a lot and listened to really old country music.  I think they are going to do a heart surgery on him which will fix one of his health issues maybe temporarily.  He is also wanting a hip replacement of his second hip.  He had one hip replaced like 8 years ago I think.  If he gets that done, he will be laid up for awhile.  Ultimately, though I hope he gets so he can walk well again. 

I also think having him here and with him being diabetic, maybe he will get me to eating better more lean or whatever, low carb.  I need to loose a few pounds.

I mostly hope he can feel comfortable here and we can remain comfortable here.  I don’t think it is a huge issue of he needs so much care, but more he is so lonely up there.  I think being here and just seeing some people (us) will be good on his mental state.

As I type this now, I have the cutest desk decor ever.  She started awake laying here, but now she has finally went to sleep.  She stayed awake over an hour past what she normally does even after all the attempts by me to wear her out.

My grandma is in town tonight and into tomorrow.  There is a dog show in Harrisburg, so we are heading there and going to meet them there.  It should be so much fun to see Kyra “woof woofing”  LOL….

Good Night.