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20061107-08p 002

Today was a pretty good day. I did all my runs like normal. Everything went pretty smooth.

I voted this morning when I first got back from my bus route at 9. I just voted for the people that were running against the people currently in office. I guess I just think we need a whole new group of people in there and for our state government to not give itself a raise of 15% when we are so broke to begin with. They should have given themselves a 15% cut if anything. I would love to see them try to live on bus driver income for a few months….that would make them see things in a whole new light.

We went to the bank after our mid day run and got our health savings account set up finally now alls I have to do is call and get our automatic deposits made. I will do that tomorrow.

Kyra and I went to Pizza Hut for lunch. We had the buffet. Kyra ate more food than she normally would. I think she ate 3 of those 1/2 breadsticks and a really thin sliver of pizza. That is a lot for her. She likes to dip things, so she was dipping the breadsticks in sauce and laughing and eating. That is how she got so much down. I don’t even think she noticed that she was eating. She was having fun.

Now I am sitting at my computer with my cat on my leg thinking of going to bed. I don’t know what is into my cat tonight, but she is going nuts purring and purring. I guess maybe she is happy, she didn’t get any ticks today. I have picked ticks off her for the last 3 days. I even use that stuff that is supposed to prevent them….who knows.

Well, that is all from me. Good Night…