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Crawling fun… although she don’t officially crawl yet on her knees. She pushed and pulls her body with her arms. She just thinks it is funny as can be that I let her go through her exersaucer toy. She laughs and laughs in there.

Today was a great day.

I slept in and so did Kyra, so it started off perfect. I think I woke before Kyra did. We ate our normal food in the morning. Kyra has some baby food and I had cake. LOL…

I went to the post office and mailed a package. The wedding dress that I had sold on ebay. I also bought some Curious George stamps.

I drove bus in the afternoon. I am so glad that people are still calling me to sub even though most know that next week I won’t be a sub. (Huge Smiles)…

I went to the grocery store after and bought sweet potatoes and carrots for roasted vegtables, which is good. We had that for supper.

Kyra didn’t take a good nap all day, so she went to bed early like 7. She wasn’t really grumpy either, so it is surprising.

Adam was home though, so I had time to post some pictures to the stock photo sites. I have sold like 8 pictures in the last few days, so that is great. I am not a huge volume seller because mostly I only take pictures of things I like and don’t cater to a specific need.

Ok, well…I am going to go off to bed. Night. Posted by Picasa