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I think I have been waiting for this to happen. It is like I am so excited, have no idea why though. This is my indication that she is a big girl, so here is the whole series of pictures, now that I know I can post two or three…..

Now where do you think this is going?? LOL….

Now you can’t say that this here photo isn’t one of the cutest ever….

One more and than I went and stopped her, but wasn’t that fun…..Woo Hoo…

Today was just a totally fun day. I loved it. I just woke up with it being a good day. I just love when that happens. I wish everyday when I woke up I knew that it was going to be a good day. My runs went well, although sort of rough for the morning.
The one young lady what witnessed the whole accident was crying and really sad about the bus driver accident as another student made some off comments about the former driver, how inappropriate, but we are talking 3rd graders, so I really don’t know if they know appropriate in these types of cases. They do know now. It was a terrible accident. Well, she is better for now, we talked with the counselor lady and the principle.
I than came home made vegtables, my specialty now, super easy recipe. I invited my neighbor over to help eat as I am by myself, so she came and as she was knocking the back door my other neighbor came to the front door, so I fed them both. I was great, because I had plenty.
I went to my kindergarten run, it went smoothly. That is my favorite run of the day, they are so innocent and honest. It is so refreshing. Oh, and sometimes they will tell you the funniest things. I love that, I love knowing strange little details of other peoples lives. It makes me really secure in my life. I have one little boy whose parents are really upity up in our town and he has some of the strangest stories. I just totally love it. It is like the inside scoop, LOL.
I came home my other neighbor that wasn’t at my lunch, was standing on her porch when we drove by, so we went there and chatted for a bit. I love my neighbors adore them all of them. Came home I guess we nursed and watched a little TV, played roll the ball some. Than left for our afternoon drive. That went well.
We came home and watched TV a bit and than the neighbor that we chatted with before driving called and asked me to come eat. I never turn down food there as she is the best cook ever. I eat even if I am full to the brim. We went Kyra ate almost as much as I did. She had mashed potatoes, corn, meat something. It was great.
We came home watched half hour of TV and Kyra went to bed. I am here. This is my final spot and than I am off to bed.
Now isn’t that the best day ever??
Here I can’t resist posting this photo too. She is looking up at the cat, the cat always gets the best smiles.
Good Night…..