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Today was quite the day. I learned yesterday that I had fire being omitted from my furnace. (Literally) I was planning on getting a new one in spring after the famous tax return. My furnace didn’t make it though, so here is the photo of my new furnace. It costed me $4000 so look extra hard at it for me.

It is guaranteed to last though and my old one was original with my house, so it was due. I guess. The dollars sting though to say the least.

No more flame throwing in my basement.

It took most of the day to put the furnace in. After that we had a window sales person come to our house. This is probably the worst day for him to come. He was for Ambassador Windows, a great product for anyone needing windows. However much I needed windows I don’t see myself spending 20,000 on them right after the small amount of $4000 stung me. Call me crazy, but one major repair a day is enough. This sales person was really good though. I know why he is a sales person. I bet he is going to make a lot of money in that chosen profession.

In 3 years, I think I will get new windows. Even with my energy guzzling windows, I think the savings in energy from the furnace alone will make me happy enough. I have spent $1000 this year for heating oil. What I have should last me til at least September, so I am good for a while and all the bill is paid. Hopefully with the new furnace maybe I can wait til November, who knows I will have to tell you when I get oil next time.

Kyra is really starting to move good. She can’t crawl per say, but she can get her knees up like a crawl and then stretch forward moving 1/2 her body length. She looks like a fish flopping on the ground sort of and it makes me laugh. She of course can roll still and uses that primarily. She can get pretty much where ever she wants. We put all the electrical outlet covers in so she can’t get in those. The house is pretty much Kyra proof.

Well, I going to bed. As usual this is the last thing I do for my day. Posted by Picasa