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20070629_01611a Oh the joys of a great garage sale.  You can’t get this stuff like this any other place.  It takes a week to get ready for this extraordinary sale.  We sell little pieces of our lives off for quarters and nickels and people try to talk you into lowering that.  It is a crazy life in which this is the case.  Why isn’t that 1940’s piece of life worth more than the slight value we put on it.  Stan can tell you the history of everything he owned here at this sale.  Some of the items have quite a story.

I have some pants and shirts that I haven’t been able to wear since high school and I wonder why they are still in my collection of goods.  I know though why they are.  It is because everytime that I look at this particular piece it reminds me of that certain day of my past.

There is the shirt from when I got state champion with my cow.  There is the shirt from when I went to high school for my first day of senior class.

Well, today….I sold those shirts for 50 cents, I still have the memory though which is as master card would say priceless.

20070629_02605p The sale ended early though.  Kyra ended early too, I must add.  I am about to end earlier than usual.

It is silly that she still likes feeling my boob even though she is almost 2.  I am hoping that this ends soon, but she has been doing this more lately than she was for a few months ago.  Who knows?  I think it is a phase though.

I got home about 3 from the sale though.  I watched a few CSI with Stan.  I filled out a long Medicaid form and faxed it for what seemed like forever.  I had to redial again for every page a total of 8 pages and I got busy signal 5 or 6 times, so someone else must have been doing same thing.

Stan has the second part of his sleep testing or his “the fix” so he is at the hospital sleeping tonight.  He does have sleep apnea, so they are putting those air machines on him to sleep with.  He was complaining about it even before he got it, so this is just crazy.

We paid our bills tonight.  We are still broke.  Summer is really tough on us, we notice that $200 missing from the pay from me not driving.  I am still waiting on my first unemployment, which should come this week and will be needed.  My next one is shortly after that because I have been off almost 3 weeks now.  I have to claim my other job money of course, but this week it doesn’t lower my check which is sort of good, but means that I didn’t make hardly anything at my other job.

I messed up my last PPP thing too, and clicked a wrong button which costed me $16.  I sent a message to support, but I don’t think I will get that back.  I just have to find another post to do over there. 

So there is my day.  It was more exciting than usual.  Tomorrow will be close to the same except I have to go get Stan at 5 in the morning.  I might be grumpy or maybe you can get a real bargain off me.  I will be napping in the corner….LOL…