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20070628_00203p Today was a great day.  Here is Kyra feeding the cat one of her potty reward M&M’s.  (Don’t worry for the cat won’t eat anything unless it is chicken flavor.)  It was really cute the attempt though.  Kyra is very generous.

It is sort of funny that the lady that comes and helps Stan got lost again today coming to our house.  She got lost on Tuesday too.  She was 20 minutes late.  Is it mean that I find this comical?

I had a fun job which included shopping at a gas station.  It ended up being a closed one, so was an exceptionally easy job.  I just had to take some photos. Kyra stayed with Robin while I did this, so I was nervous that she would cry a lot while I was gone.  I was so happy when I got back and she was fine playing with all of her stuffed bears that she is always attracted too.  It is so nice to be able to leave her without her loosing her mind like I think she will.  She is so much more mature than I give her credit for.  She is growing so independent.  It is wonderful. 

Robin than fed us.  Oh, I love her cooking.  I didn’t mean for it to happen this way.  I had food, but she always cooks for an army at her house, she even had left overs.  I never cook extra.

I have still been getting ready for this garage sale this weekend or well starting tomorrow, but I am terrible at it.  I sort of just am throwing things together without any sort of order.  It is making me feel slightly guilty because I have known the dates of this sale for months.  I thought I would have more stuff ready than I really do.  I was hoping to have another at least car load ready, but I don’t.  I will be doing more sorting tomorrow morning really early.

I got a new very old laptop today, so I can sit and type out my entries while I watch TV, with my feet up in recline position, and while I put Kyra to sleep.  That is where I am typing this now.  I am going to attempt to go to bed earlier, so hopefully this will help.  I think it is going to be really great for such a person like me.  I am not going to connect it to the internet or anything, just type text files and transfer with my computer on floppy disks.  It is not the nicest piece of equipment, very outdated.  It will do the trick though, I think.

Well, that is all for today.  Good Night…