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Today was just a normal boring day. We went to town for only a little over an hour. Adam went to the gym and I went to the transportation office of the school. I have my routes all corrected and finished, so I am totally ready for school to start now on Monday. I got my bus this last Monday, so I have all the seating chart labeled out, how boring is that?? LOL…. I just want to be organized this first day this year.
I really wanted to go to the zoo this summer, but I don’t think I will be. I really wasn’t ready for school to be done when it was this June. Next year, I am going to have plans and be ready for summer. Kyra will be 2, so she will be talking on top of walking. It will be so much fun and to be able to do things on top of that. I mean this summer was great for being broke. I had fun staying home and going to the pool. Which I always hope to do some of, but next year maybe a trip to something interesting every week or so for me and Kyra would be nice.
Here is a picture of Kyra last week while we were cleaning stuff in the basement. Then there is a photo of Kyra on Saturday in the volleyball court at Robins. Kyra was loving that sand between her toes. She likes feeling things with her toes.
I have been loading pictures to microstock a lot today probably loaded 15 pictures. I know that isn’t many compared to what the real pros do, but that is a good day for me. I am almost at a payout on BigStock, but Fotolia is selling more right now. Fotolia is also accepting the pictures very quickly where BigStock is taking over a week. I like BigStock though, they were the first place I ever had a sale and I will probably stay loading there no matter how slow they get.
Well, that is all for today.