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I found what I want for Christmas at the website I have wanted a slim camera that I can fit in my pocket to take pictures with while I don’t want to drag my big camera around. I would only use the photos on the internet, so I don’t need high resolution from this camera. It would basically be my snapshot camera. Here is the one I think Naxos 1.3MP Credit Card Size Silver Slim Digital Camera. It holds 67 images, so that is enough. It has an internal battery. It is only 1.3 megapixel, so I wouldn’t need hardly any photoshop work if the quality is good enough. Best of all, it is under $50 with free shipping.

This sight also has a large selection of night vision stuff which might be great for around my house with the death of Lex and stuff. I would like to install some cameras on my barn. It would be neat to be able to watch what I think will usually be nothing at all in a semi clear night vision green screen. Can you believe that I still haven’t got my motion sensor lights?? I am such a slow poke. I should have gotten them a month ago. Maybe this website will put me in gear….

Well, that is all for now. Bye..