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20071018_00608a 20071018_01108a 20071018_01308a 20071018_01608a I had some fun with Kyra taking pictures of her this morning.  She was posing faces with me.  I think she has learned what posing is and really enjoyed looking at the camera previews.  She never really got that before.  It was pretty fun though.

20071018_02008a It is of course easy to get her to pose with the dog.  Aren’t they cute??

I called sub bus drivers today trying to get one for when Stan has an appointment.  I can’t believe it that I finally got one not busy after the 5th call.  That is crazy, but I have that scheduled now.  It will be my first day off in a very long time, I am like that driver that never misses a day even when I am sick beyond belief.

My pig is getting out of the pasture here recently and roaming a few of my neighbors yards.  I checked the electric fence and it is working, but I think she thinks it is a massage.  She rests with her back up on it.  Dumb pig..  I put a different cinder block on the wire at the end, so hopefully that keeps her in.  She is going underneath. The neighbors are laughing I think at a pig wandering about on their yards.  What would you think if a pig were wandering your yard??

I don’t know what I have done recently on here to deserve all the visitors this site is getting.  I am amazed looking at my statistics with over 600 visitors on many days.  It blows my mind that 2 years ago, nobody looked here.  That I had started this little hobby of writing and keeping track of my daughter, so I could read it at later date. 

Now, this is one of my favorite parts of my day.  I most days really look forward to scanning my days memory for the thing I want to remember the most about it. 

It is sort of crazy now though that I know so many people read it.  I sometimes think there should be something more grandeur to write about, but my days always seem to flow in a similar pattern to the day prior. 

The most grand things in my life are those awesome little things that I think other people wouldn’t even notice.  It is like I never stop smelling the roses and wake up to some big picture.  I wonder even if there is really a big picture sometimes that maybe I should be rushing off too without attention along the way. 

Anyways, have a great night.  I am off to watch Barney the same show I have seen about 300 times now with Kyra.  Good Night…