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With school being out most of the place, I am slow going through my driver news.  There isn’t much action obviously.  This story has caught me eye though…

This is a story of a girl with a lap belt on in a seat.  She was still able to fall out of the seat and into a friends knee hard enough to cause serious injury all from a driver going over a speed bump.

They are mad that the driver didn’t report the injury as well as that she went to fast.

I can’t stand up for this driver because I don’t know the specifics. 

However, the kids could not have been sitting properly for this to happen.  You don’t fall out of a seat sideways when going over bumps unless going over bumps and around corners.  You also don’t hit knees unless those knees are facing the isle of the bus. 

I am totally against any sort of belts (explanations have been posted previously), but with it said that this bus had them and even in the loosest of positions if used…I can’t imagine how falling out of the seat could happen.  If anything the looseness could dig into the belly and possibly be the cause of this injury.  It makes me wonder anyways…

I think that we are getting this a very 1/2 sided story, but it is awful sad that this little girl is hurt no matter the cause.

What do you think??