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We were sent some of this Freeze It. Yesterday it was one of the multiple surprises that came in the mail box, so since I don’t have any pains. Yeah, seriously I don’t. I went ahead and passed it over to Stan who has more than his share. He decided his back was the perfect place to try this sample packet.

Here is the quote of what he said about it:

“Oh, it goes on nice and warm and slowly cools off to very cold, it made my muscles so relaxed. It is great.”

That is all that you get from him. He is “a man of few words”. I am quoting one of his health workers when I called to get his files transferred for his move down here.

Anyways, back to the Freeze It, I like that it is made from plant products though and natural. I like that it is cheaper than the competition and available in stores. I like that it is made in America right next door in Ohio actually.

20070915_00112p Oh yeah and I almost forgot. Here look his smile with the Freeze It pack. He makes a really great commercial model doesn’t he…he is available for parties as well so he says.