Select Page, today was fun and fast and almost like a one year old adventure. I don’t think there has been a day where Kyra laughed so much. The crazy thing is she was basically laughing at herself all day. I hope that is a skill she keeps through her life, like she was today. We played every game I know for her and some that are basically older, like trying to teach her colors and stuff like that.

We went on full speed shopping excursions in the cart like she is pictured, my back was hurting bending for so long, so then she went on magic shopping cart flights. We were flipping over on the chair onto the bead bag seat. We did peek a boo and chase and slide on kitchen floor and dance and spin and go feed the goats. All the games I know…LOL…

We took bath and shower. We were outside rolling in the yard which she thinks is the funniest thing yet. It is getting colder out though so we weren’t outside all that long.

My car is in the shop getting the muffler fixed, so we went all day without going anywhere here. It was fun though.

All this was going on and Kyra only took a 20 minute nap. I think she would have stayed up longer tonight too if I wasn’t so tired of flipping her over on the chair.

Well, that is pretty much my whole day except a little cooking and even some cleaning. I even ran the vacuum today…well only because we spilled rainbow colored crackers everywhere and Adam would have been really upset if he were to see the floor as we had it. I admit it…we are a messy duo.