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I found this tip article about how to go to school green.  I found it quite interesting and actually do love the idea of a walking bus.  It would be interesting for those kids that are say 8 blocks away to set up a little walking route and meet all their friends by the curb to walk to school together.  How fun….

It has riding the bus as number 4 on the list.  I am okay with that.  The students I drive don’t really qualify for the first 3 for the most part anyways.  They are getting a 15+ minute bus ride most of them. The statistics that they quote are even better than numbers I have heard as far as statistics for parents on the way to schools versus deaths.  The majority of school bus related deaths occur outside of the bus while either loading or unloading. Here is their quote for statistics:

Only an average of 20 children die each year to and from school in buses, and 6,000 are injured, compared with more than 600 deaths and 129,000 injured while commuting via automobile.

Now, I really like this e-bike idea.  I had no idea such a thing existed.  I could ride this..the little motor to give me a boost going up the hills.  Oh, how fun…woo hoo.