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20070624_09909a I have decided we need an old golf cart around here now.  This was pretty fun.  It was nice and quiet ride.  Oh, and we all fit comfortably…amazing huh??

20070624_08709a We went around the field and down to the river.  My brother’s family rode the 4 wheeler.  Aren’t they so cute?? 

20070624_13109a We went down to the little creek and threw rocks in there.  The girls were having fun splashing and stuff.  This photo is the one where Missy looks big, so I had to post it.  She is such a little thing.

Here are the girls again…20070624_12909a 20070624_11409a

20070624_16510a20070624_15610a 20070624_17210a  Missy fixed pancakes.  They were pretty good.  I will fix her my version next time she comes down here.  We went for this ride and talked while the girls were playing on the slide and sand box.  We left shortly after noon, so it was a pretty early day.

The ride home seemed really long.  I felt squished and ended up putting my feet on the back window sleeping in this strange upside down position.  We watched Happy Feet the movie which Kyra didn’t really like, so I ended up letting her watch Elmo and me watching Happy Feet.  It was an okay movie.  They really did a good job of making that older penguin look mean.  LOL…  Oh, and the seal looked really mean too.  I would hate to be chased by them.

We got home about 7:30.  I entered my job that I had done on the way up there and did some reading.  My reader was over flowing of course.

That was the whole trip.