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Well, you may see TCRE after my name if I should e-mail you now not that I e-mail a whole lot. TeamDoubleClick requires that you use an e-mail signature line, so now that I passed the real estate test, my e-mail signature will have that TCRE on it. I think it means Team Contractor Real Estate, but really not 100% on that. My name also has the TCE after it which for sure is Team Contractor Elite. I should get my assignment soon. I passed the test though….woo hoo for the TCRE name. It was 100 questions. I got 92 of them right, so not to shabby.

I got my ultrasound done today. The doctor didn’t tell me that in order to do it they stick a stick up your cooch, well I was a bit surprised. They should video this experience and sell them as porn to offset medical expenses. I know the person that invented this machine was just a raging pervert. The lady kept moving the thing watching me wince in uncomfort and then say “Are you alright?”…I swear if she said that one more time, who knows what would have happened? I had visions in my head of ramming that thing down her throat, but I don’t think I have that much courage. I just kept giving her the look of death mostly. Oh it sucked so bad… I did everything I could do to not cry in that room. I think I cried all the way home. It was really a terrible feeling.

Well, I am going to end this post because well the cute pictures of Kyra just won’t fit here. I will post them later. Bye…