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So, over at Build a Better Blog, they posted this article with 15 Good Blog Posting Tips, I found it interesting, so decided to share how I do it with you, if you haven’t already figured me out.

1. Be really clear about why you’re blogging, who your ideal reader is, and what your core message and/or theme is.

My ideal reader is any one really.  I tend to lean towards other bus drivers though and other moms.  I have a small male readership that is mostly other bloggers.  Who knows what they see in hanging around??  LOL…  Let me know okay??

2. Write with the reader in mind: what’s in it for them?

Sorry, I write whatever pops into my little head.  It is a rare glimpse unedited of what is inside my head…what is not to love about that???  Not sure what else in in it for you reading here.  This site is mostly for my entertainment.  Sorry….

3. Write declarative sentences: short and to the point, right off the bat. No starting with: “I was thinking the other day about…” or “Summer’s almost over and…”

I think I am declarative.  Oh no, was that not declarative???

4. Write less. Omit all unnecessary words. (Hint: this requires you actually read your post before you publish!)

Nope, I rarely read it first.  I am a non-editor.  I edit and nothing gets posted.  I usually read my posts when someone comments on it and I don’t remember what they are making the comment about.  Is that revealing or what???

5. Write good headlines, using your strategic keywords (the ones you’ve researched and know will pull in the readers you’re looking for). Put keywords first if you can.

I don’t do keyword research.  Yeah, you got it none.  I do pretty good though for admitting that.  I do sometimes search for my site using the Search Engines and I usually do end up finding me.  I am well listed even though…I barely try.

6. Write a good first paragraph using your keywords. Tell readers what your point is right away.

I again don’t do this.  I am totally failing you now aren’t I??

7. Keep paragraphs short, only one or two sentences at most, then break. White space is your friend.

I actually do this very well.  I hate long boring text in huge bunches, so I don’t use it naturally without trying on this site.

8. Use subtitles to make your posts easily scannable.

I don’t do this often, but occasionally I do.

9. Break your post up after 2-3 paragraphs using the Extended Post feature, so that readers are asked to click here to continue reading.

Oh never, I would never ask my readers to do something I hate doing.  I hate clicking to continue reading an article.  I never subscribe to partial feeds either.  If I don’t get the whole story in my first glance, you probably won’t find me even reading the first two paragraphs.  I just move on.  This is a funny tip though because Build a Better Blog the site where these tips came from.  They do a full feed, but this continue reading junk is on their homepage.  You see…I never go to there home page.  I use the feed and when I click an article, it takes me to the full thing.  Hmmm!

10. Don’t take yourself too seriously; keep a sense of humor but be cautious about trying to be funny; people read things the wrong way.

I follow this one.  I think??

11. Write like readers were paying you and their subscription is about to expire.

Who would pay to read about the life of a school bus driver.  I will except subscription monies, set your own price.  I take paypal.

12. Avoid business jargon, empty phrases, and clichés that are too cliché.

It is a good thing I don’t know any business jargon and what is cliche?  How do you type that funky e thing?  That isn’t on my keyboard.

13. Use bulleted points and lists as often as possible.

Woo Hoo!  A list….

14. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions

If I’m not opinionated enough for you, let me know!

15. Always ask readers for their opinions, their experiences, their input.

I love my commenters, read up there on the right and you will see it written out again.

There you know all the tips and how I am such a failure.  Are you doing any better???