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20070618_02710a20070618_02210a Ok, so I got my water.  It doesn’t compare though.  LOL…  While we were eating though Kyra was doing laps of our house.  She is at a full throttle run here.  LOL… She probably did 10 laps.

I came down and did 2 posts for my new site and worked some on this site.  I changed the sidebar order and made some adjustments to some other things.  I got my categories up now instead of hidden like before.  I hate that there are so many “Normal” posts.  It is partially because all my original posts from when I was at blogger don’t have any categories besides that.   I need to go in and categorize about 300 posts in there.  I keep putting things in that group too though.  My days seem to just be normal a lot.  LOL…  I should change normal to “Happy” maybe.  LOL…  Anyways, you can now see the categories there.

I changed the Archives to a drop down menu which was simple, but not sure if I like or not.  What do you think of that…it was getting to be a huge long list there which takes up a whole lot of sidebar real estate.

20070618_08205p 20070618_08305p Anyways back to my day, we went to pick up Stan’s medicine and get a new glucose meter for Stan tonight.  We activated his new ATM card, then got McDonalds for Kyra and I’s dinner.  We ate it at the park.  We even got Stan to play with out Mighty Kids Meal toys.  LOL…  I like chicken mc nuggets from McDonalds on occasion.