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 My brother coming down here a few weeks ago made me really proud.  I think he is a super good dad based on only my few days with him.  Both Kyra and Haley are blessed with great fathers, so I wanted to share some photos that I have, that I don’t know why they haven’t made it into previous posts.  These are photos that have sat in my “ready to go” file for quite some time.

20070501_02610pThis first one is us on a walk and Adam stopping and very patiently helping Kyra snap her stroller, why she loves strapping it all together when she isn’t in it is beyond me.  They stood there well beyond the time I would have given up on the stupid strap, but she finally got it and was very proud.  I was standing on the side proud too, but of Adam more than Kyra.  LOL…

20070602_04109p This one is Jason under a piece of silk and Haley is laughing so hard.  They did this for probably 10 minutes and both Missy and I were both laughing at them, but you could see how much they both enjoyed each other in these minutes, it was very revealing.

20070602_03509p Here is my last prepared photo, this one is just of Haley falling, but you have to know that her dad pulled her, she was falling onto the air mattress and was laughing like crazy.  She probably did this bounce like 6 or 7 times before getting sick of it.

Here is just some other photos that are prepared that have just never made it.  I have been meaning to clean out this file for quite awhile.

20070504_02004p Here is how Kyra takes pictures with my camera.  She is obsessed with this camera and we go through all the way til the batteries are dead everytime I load it up because she takes like a million pictures of her nose close like this.  I want her to be able to use a camera though, so ever now and then I let her take the camera for a day.  It isn’t turning out like I thought when I got this camera though because I never get to use it and my big camera is still my better friend.  Adam says we wasted money, but maybe having a camera for a almost 2 year old isn’t a waste.  Time will tell….


20070606_04210a 20070602_02508a Here is just my last two prepared photos of the girls together.  I don’t have any more prepared, so I shouldn’t wait for a month to post them, it has already been a week, so here they are.  Aren’t they the cutest little cuties.  LOL….  They are both lucky little girls and they don’t even know it with there great dads….oh and don’t forget about us mom’s we are pretty great too.  LOL….