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Nothing is quite like Jello (yet). I may be the only adult in this house that loves this, but my girl can really tear up some Jello. This photo is with like a tablespoon of it.

I can’t wait to give her something that is really messy. I did all the right things though, the mat is on the floor. She is ready.

We went for a hike today again. Adam is at work, so we were by ourselves. It was brisk, but peaceful out. We were only out about 40 minutes.

We are going up north tomorrow to visit Haley. I am told and believe she has grown, since 2 weeks ago.

Washington won the game tonight. I picked them, so the win is amazing. I am just a guess picker and usually a bad one at that. I mostly pick because I like the colors of the team better than the colors of the other team. I guess I do like some specific players. I like watching football with my husband though it is pretty fun. I can see how people huge fans. All the people out there that complain about someone watching the game, need to sit down and watch a few games and than they will quit complaining so much when they figure out they like it. I pick every week though for the whole season. It always gives us something to talk about in boring times.

Today, Google is offering a software package to people. I guess of recommended softwares all in the same file. It includes Adobe Systems Inc.’s Acrobat Reader, RealNetworks Inc.’s media player, Mozilla’s Firefox Web browser and Cerulean Studios’ Trillian instant messaging program and a 6 month trial of Norton Anti-virus.

I wonder why they would do this?? I mean they are reasonably good programs, but all easily accessible to anyone. Why would a big company like that want to have these names associated with them though? They claim no money is changing hands. If that is true, why would they pick RealPlayer over WinAmp or Foxfire over Opera. It seems like Google would want to be equally endorsed themselves by all the companies that associate with all things online. Also, that they get nothing from this endorsement if they aren’t getting paid. The ad says they are doing it so computer manufacturer’s will offer this special “Googlized” software package with new PC’s.

So is it that at some point we will end up paying for stuff that is free now?? Stuff most of us don’t want or want to pick our own free version of. I guess the most of us, speaks only of me. I don’t like the idea of mass picking free software for a double “free” package. It seems it will make for less selection of free software. Maybe they should include a link to a site that offers software searching and downloading capabilities for free for example would be good, but there are others. And for people that don’t know that this software exists, they need computer training and not software that will just comfuse them when they turn on there computers.

I myself use some of the programs they offer and have for years. Acrobat Reader, Foxfire, and Trillian are all on my computer and I very much like them.

The other 2 programs mentioned I don’t use, and would be mad if they just showed up on my computer. I don’t like RealNetworks products because of all the advertising on it, so I choose WinAmp over Real Player. Window’s Media Player isn’t that bad either.

I use Trend Micro PC-Cillian for my virus protection, they update every day. I like that about them. Both Norton and MacAfee only update weekly leaving you unprotected for up to 6 days with new found infections. AVG and Pandaware also update daily as well. I find these smaller companies are providing much better service in this area and should be looked at as serious protection. The leaders are where they are only because they pay for there position, not necessarily because they deserve it.

There is my computer rant for today. Woo… How did I get that out, see what this blogging will do to a person. I’m tired, I got to go to bed. Night…. Posted by Picasa