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Yesterday we went to Goucher College all day for there annual rock and mineral show. It was a good show. Kyra was so good. She walked around all day holding my hand and I finally got her to take a nap for like an hour. Here is the photo of her at her nap. That was the only time I got to take pictures and when I was leaving. She slept the whole ride home though.

They have the most beautiful campus there. Here is a photo of the geese that were at one of the ponds.

Here is a photo of the general show… It was at this big open area that was around a center courtyard. There was than also people set up in the art gallery area. They were the displays that were of very expensive stuff. It is a beautiful set up for any type of show like this.

Well, that is all for yesterday.

Today was a whole different day. I woke up simply not feeling well. I don’t know what my issue is, but I have had a headache and a stomach ache all day. I thought I was just hungry, but that isn’t it. I just am feeling ill. I hope I wake up tomorrow like a new person.

Well, night…