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Well, here is my grandma with Kyra, so Kyra’s great grandma. She was here for a little over an hour today. We went to lunch at the Green Village Restaurant. It was good. We visited. It was good to see her. She looked good.

Janice and her had been to a dog grooming show. They said it was fun. They went to another dog show in Lancaster while they were down and a obedience show. I am glad they like dogs so much. Everyone keeps trying to give me a dog though. I don’t want one. I am happy happy with my cat.

When they left we went and saw our goats at the neighbors and they seem to be fitting into that herd quite good.

We then went to Walmart to get some milk. I had them look at my car because it was making this awful sound. Well, I guess the tire was loose. I could have killed someone, but good thing I didn’t. We got it tightened back up. We went to the park afterward. Kyra loves swinging.

Well that was my day. It was actually pretty boring.