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Kyra is a very responsible 2 year old. I know that is hard to believe, but she is obsessed with feeding the dog. This being said I got her a pet bunny. I have pictures of her with it, but am not home now, so will have to post later. This rabbit has been the center of the universe since we got it on Sunday. We have probably held it and petted it 6 or 7 hours since we have gotten it. It is a 6 week old little guy. Kyra named him “GRAPE”. He is black and white. He should be a pretty good sized bunny when he is full grown.

We had a great weekend though. I didn’t sleep Friday night though so Saturday I was dead tired through the day.

Sunday we went to Emma’s birthday party. Kyra had a lot of fun. I admit I was jealous though, I wanted to jump on that trampoline thing that they had. This party was at a gymnastics place. The parents just stood around watching the kids have fun all taking pictures. I didn’t even take my camera duh me. I was planning on jumping around and doing cartwheels etc. I heard one parent complain that just getting in there was enough exercise….oh my goodness. I could hardly believe that. I was there sitting still trying not to participate. LOL…

Yesterday, Stephen cooked us dinner of stroganoff. It was pretty good. I never seen it made from scratch like that before. He is a pretty good cook. There was a lot of food though, so we didn’t nearly eat it all. His grandmother was in the hospital, so he was stressing about that as you would expect. She got a good report though today and is going home. That is good news. She is a really cool lady. She sometimes reads books and stuff with Kyra. Kyra thinks that she is her grandma. Kyra talks to my parents on the phone, but thinks she is talking to Stephen’s gram. She is all confused, but it is okay. We will straighten her out when she will understand.

I went to doctors yesterday for this same infection again, this is the 3rd visit for the same infection. They gave me this combination antibiotic that they said should take care of it, but this is my 2nd full dose of antibiotics. I really am uncomfortable with medications, so it all sucks. I am a bit sick to my stomach today, but I am sucking it up and blaming this drug.

Anyways, there is my update. I do have lots of photos on my camera, so photos should come sometime when I have time at home to work on them. Have a great night.