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Today was a great day.

I drove my normal 5 runs without a hitch and without using any type of notes. I used the route sheets all last week. I learned permanently 10 more kids names. Thus I probably can name 30 on all my routes as of now when I see there face.

I have a goal to learn all the kids names that ride my bus by the end of the week, but I don’t know. I have 54 kids on elementary and 29 kids on kindergarten and I don’t know how many on high school, but the bus is full, so I think probably 50 or so. There is over 100 though total with the 3 runs, so this is a hard goal.

Here is a picture of Kyra from this morning. See what I mean by looking different from the post this morning. She is growing up. She looks like a little girl and not a baby anymore.

We went to Walmart after my last run today. We bought groceries, boy oh boy, how do we do it. We spent over $200. I guess we aren’t going to be starving in our house. Kyra is so funny while we shop, she just randomly screams at the top of her lungs. I think everyone in the store could hear her and most smiled when we were close enough for them to see her. She was happy as could be just screaming away.

Well, it is past 8 o’clock so I am going to call it a day. Night… Posted by Picasa