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Want to hear about a great day??  I had one.

Stephen, Kyra, and I went to a meeting for this company that I maybe going to do some work for.  It isn’t a full-time job, but another one of my messed up sort of piddle things like all my so many things I do.  I am undecided honest as to if I will do it or not, so I am not going to disclose all that here yet.  Believe me though if I do decide to give this a go, you will all be some of the first to know.  We had this meeting anyways.  It was an hour and was pretty nice, the people involved seem pretty interesting and nice.

Anyways, that was in Hamburg PA which is the same town as Cabela’s, so we made a day of it.  It was so fun, I mean completely fun.  We walked all around the store looked in the deer country display, saw the giant aquariums with the wild breed fish, walked around the center taxidermy area.  It was great, I didn’t feel rushed at all.  I always seem to feel this huge sense of rush when shopping with other people, this was about as relaxed as could be.  I am in awe of how nice it was honestly.

I was going to take some photos in there, but it was a rather crappy day weather wise and I didn’t want to take my camera across the parking lot in the slop.  The pictures didn’t get taken.  The camera sat all day untouched.

We left there and went to the Vanity Fair outlet in Reading.  This is one of those places that I love too.  I go there almost exclusively for my everyday bras, which I needed some.  We walked around in there though, it is a cool place. 

So yeah, we bought bullets and bras on the same day.  Is that a crazy combination or what??  LOL…

We ate at Friday’s in Reading.  Oh, fried macaroni and cheese is so good.  If you have never had that, you have too.  I so so love it.  Yum…  We just had burgers though, they were very good.

We left and came home from there.  This made us gone from my house from 10 am until after 7:30 pm.  It was a perfect long wonderful day.

Kyra was so good.  She is an amazing kid even if I weren’t her mom, I would think so.  She did the ride without any issues, she loved the animals.  She was leaning on the railings, making all the animals sounds, it was so fun for her I think. 

She was running ahead of us using up her energy at the outlets, she is about the cutest thing you could see. The outlet wasn’t very busy.  I think we were close to closing time too though.  She listens pretty good though and is smart. 

She ate her whole burger that she got, plus about 3 of the fried mac and cheese pieces, so she is a real carnivore as well.

It was snowing though…blah.  That stinks.  The roads were clear though, it wasn’t that bad though.  I am not wanting snow yet though.