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Today was a great day. I feel like I accomplished stuff.

We worked on cleaning out the room in the basement this morning. It is basically done, but now need to take care of stuff that needs new home. Clothes will be headed in there though. I will also like to add a hanging rack under the more spacious shelf area, so I have to get that to be able to do it.

A substitute bus driver rode with me today, so I feel like at least someone knows my route.

Adam mowed the yard and sprayed poison ivy. Kyra was still sleeping, so when I got home I strung out the electrical cord with her still sleep in the bus, you can see her if you work out there when she moves. Than I got the electric trimmers all hooked up. We trimmed the hedges and boy oh boy did they need it. I have never used electric hedge clippers but they work pretty smooth.

I got home watch a couple TV shows with Adam.

I am now on my way to bed. This picture is Kyra today playing with the monopod. She is getting so big. I measured her the other day with a tape measure and she was 28 inches. I can’t believe she isn’t walking yet, she is so so close.

Well, good night.