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I think I did great today at my interview.  This is for a tech support position, I would be providing tech support over the phone.  It is considered an entry level position, but they asked me a lot of computer questions today at the interview.  I thankfully knew all the answers though.  There is a 3 week training course before you can start doing the actual job.  I think it would be a great job to have, but wish it were about 10 minutes closer to my house.  Oh well on that though.

I woke up late this morning loving the feeling of my bed as long as I could, so my time til 10 when I left for the interview went very fast.

I didn’t get back until after 3.  It was a long interview and we went and ate lunch afterward.

We cleaned the kitchen a bit when we got back.  I had it scheduled for Kyra to be able to play with Stephanie today because she has been asking for like a week.  So, it took all the courage she had to walk all by herself down there and ring the doorbell, but it was cute.  She kept telling me, it too hard and I would encourage her.  She did it though.  (I was in the window.)

I really need to get my camera out and revved up again though.  It seems it has just been sitting on the table for awhile.  I guess I go through spurts where I am really in the mood and then just very busy times where it never crosses my mind.

Hope you had a great day.