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I got in an argument with my husband yesterday. It was probably the biggest one since we have been married (8 years). I guess it has been coming for awhile, but it hit the top yesterday. I don’t know why, but I seem to simmer for awhile before I boil. It finished yesterday with my improperly made sandwich in his lap at The Treat. He seems to be making all these mean remarks to me. I guess he thinks he is funny because he says he doesn’t notice. I believe that he doesn’t too.

It also seems like when I ask him to help me do something it is always bad timing, but when he asks me to do something his timing is perfect. The things he asks for help with get done. The things I ask for help with, well…..I have a list. Help me:

  1. Empty the S turns in the drains, so our water goes down quickly. I get hair in the shower drain and if you take that off and clean and empty it, it solves the issue and our bathtub can stay clean. The gunch builds up on the side when the water is slow to drain.
  2. Hook the spring up on the door, so it closes all by itself.
  3. New floor in the kitchen. (I know we keep putting this off because of money, but it needs to stay on list to ever get done.)
  4. Air conditioner moved, so Kyra can have her room. Since he doesn’t seem to want to do that though, maybe we could move the office into that room and than leave it alone, either way would work. It just needs done.
  5. Paint the door again… we did paint it two coats, but then they peeled, so now we need to redo it.
  6. Paint the bedroom… I have the paint. He doesn’t like change and always says “What is wrong with white?? I say “What is wrong with yellow??”…If he said anything besides I don’t want to paint it, it would be better. We have lived here 5 years, it is time to paint some of the rooms. Honestly I don’t care what color, but just to paint them. I wish he would have an opinion, but he never does, so yellow is what I picked.
  7. there is more, but I just can’t think of them at this minute… they have been on the list so long. You sort of get used to things broken.

Oh, want to know how and why he got food on his lap… Yeah we went to eat, which was all good and dandy. We ordered and at this place it was busy and they call a number when your food is done. I said “I’m going to sit down and wait for the food” which I guess he didn’t hear me. I went to the back sat down, nice private sort of area. Kyra and I played there for like 10 minutes, I moved all the table stuff out of her grasp and we just sat and sat. Finally, I go out to look what is taking him so long, him and Kevin (the boy we watch) were sitting at another table eating away, like no one was missing. What is that all about? Well, I guess he didn’t hear me and had no interest in actually having lunch with me anyways.

So than… I open my food and it is made wrong or should I say different than I had anticipated. I ordered a steak sub without onions. I thought a steak sub was just that a steak sub. Well…this one has ham, provolone, swiss, steak, lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers all on it. I didn’t know such a sandwich existed, but it was gross. I gagged � of it down while Adam laughed because they made my food wrong. He kept laughing and telling me to take it back, but I wasn’t going to take something back that was possibly right and my stupidity for not asking enough questions before ordering. I felt like a fool, trying so hard not to puke this sandwich back up and having him laughing at me.

So than, Kyra was trying to get on the table. She wanted stuff to drink, so she was going for the glasses of drinks we had. I told him to watch her so she didn’t spill any drinks on me. His exact quote “I’d laugh if she spilled a drink on you”.. I was so angry. I threw my nasty disgusting � eaten sandwich in his lap and said I will be in the car. I was in � a mind to leave his butt there and if Kevin hadn’t been with us, he would have been walking home that is for sure. I can’t even believe he would say that when I was already not in great spirits and he knew it. Did he really think he was being funny??

Okay, so this threw me over the edge. I shouldn’t have thrown my food at him. He says I get mad easy and am really mad. I don’t think I do though. It is just about enough though and any person in the world would get mad if someone did the stuff he did to me the other day.

On a lighter note: Today was a pretty good day.

Kevin came early. He sat around for 3 hours in the morning bored asking if we could do something. I told him he could do whatever he wanted until we were leaving to go swimming. He didn’t do anything. I don’t even think he watched TV. Oh well,

We left to get a friend of mine that was going swimming with us. We went swimming, we came home, so this was about 3:00. We ate lunch. I made grilled chicken in a frying pan. It was amazing. I did it perfectly. It was like it came from a restaurant. Than Kevin’s mom came he was gone. I took my friends home, they were gone. I went about cooking myself some salmon. (I love salmon.) Well, take a look at this hideous salmon. It is a shame…shame total shame. The poor fish that lost his life for my dinner. I ate it burnt, I didn’t feel like cooking anything else.

Kyra finally took a nap, so her nap today was officially from 6 to 8:30. So because of that, it is now 10 pm and she is happily playing behind me. I think if I went in and really went to bed she would too though. So soon, that is what I am trying.

Well, there you have it. Not my usual type of post, but more a bit grey. Night….