Select Page Yeah, so I am not with the current season, so what. I am addicted to this show for now. This happened with Desperate Housewives as well. Today was the worst and best of me though. I am watching season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy, we have disk 3 and disk 4 here. I finished disk 3 today of 3 shows before the mail came and now I have only one show left on disk 4, so all in all. I watched 7 shows of Grey’s Anatomy today and the amazing thing. I did it all before 4 pm and didn’t miss a bus stop.

Now clearly you know what I did basically every minute of my morning time except the time I was getting in shower and playing with Kyra some.

After 4, I went to Tony’s and was working on my computer back-up. It seems to be having an issue with the Window’s Authentication thing. Yes, I have a real issue of Windows and a real shiny disk to prove it with a number..a real Windows number. It seems to not like that I have it loaded on two different hard drives. However, all this is legal since I only have one actual computer and one hard drive as a back up. It took 4 hours to get that all straightened out.

I learned that I do need to wipe my hard drive clean though and start loading my programs on a fresh version though, my start up is way to slow. I will do that soon, but probably not this week. Everything is backed up though and back up and running for now.

Adam had Kyra this whole time. He felt sort of how I feel when he gets home from work when I finally did arrive back. It was good for both of them. They played and stuff. This is a picture that Adam took of her while they were home alone. I told him before I left to take some pictures.

Well, it is almost 11. Time to go…Night.