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I was talking about how low money I make for driving yesterday in my post about the reward being given in Florida for a company not paying overtime. I have decided that I am going to tell the world how much I make, but first I want some good guesses.

Here is my statistics.

  • I have been driving school bus, this is my 5th year.
  • I drove tractor trailer before school bus for 2 years.
  • I am paid per route.
  • I do 4 routes per day.
  • I am amazed, but I just did the math and all of my routes take exactly 37 minutes to complete from first stop til I am at the school or empty.
  • I drive about an hour empty per day. This includes from home to my first stop and from the school home after kids are off, etc.
  • Total…I am driving 208 minutes a day, so 104 in morning and 104 in afternoon.
  • I drive a little over 100 miles per day.
  • There is 20 minutes in the morning where I am in limbo between routes. I am not driving, but I am in my bus. I have to wait for time to pass to start my next route. I don’t have this time in the afternoon.
  • I have NO benefits except my daughter rides with me, so I don’t have any daycare expenses.

I get paid on Tuesday, this is my pay for 10 days of driving, so I’ll scan my pay stub for you to see.

The Prize:

To make it fun, the person who guesses closest to my pay 10 day pay amount after taxes. I’ll give $10 to via Paypal.

Adam your not eligible. I think you are the only person who knows though, so anyone else go ahead guess in the comments below here.