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Okay, so I was driving around on random rural roads with Kyra sleeping tonight taking random pictures as I love doing. When this tree came upon me. It is a fully grown 1/2 tree. Now I know it is just cut for the power lines. Isn’t it neat looking though??

I just love landscape photos like this even though I am not the best at them, although granted not the worst either. I have so much fun finding them to take. The sky was so pretty today. I love a bright blue sky with those puffy type clouds.

Today was a basic boring day. Like my blog title states, my life is so super simple.

Kyra has a thing for getting up in the middle of the night here lately. Hopefully she won’t tonight, she went to bed later than the last few nights. She has been getting up at like 4 am though and staying awake for a couple hours and than going back to sleep. It is really annoying for me, but I guess such is life.

We went walking with Cathy and Kristy this morning. It was pretty fun. My soreness seems to have subsided and I can move again. I still can’t believe I got that sore.

I was watching on TV “Flip this House” that show facinates me. I would never buy a house so junky to fix up. It isn’t in me even for lots of money. That is way to much work….and the payoff is really a big question mark. The lady sure did good today on the show. She profitted over 100,000 dollars though in 12 weeks. That is amazing. I have seen them lose there tails, but today was fortunate people, which I always hope they make out good.

Tom and Shirley had us for super. Shirley’s ankle looks a lot better. She is allowed 50% of her weight on it which I thought would never be allowed so soon. She only broke it just before Christmas and they put those metal plates in there. I thought they needed more time to secure themselves in the tissue. The body is amazing isn’t it.

Well, we had meatballs with this sweet sauce and scalloped potatoes. Kyra loved them. I want to learn how to make the sauce that was used, but they bought the meatballs, so I have to figure it out on my own. That can be my next hamburger project…sweet meatball sauce. How exciting huh?? LOL…

Well, that is all for now. I am going to bed. Night… Posted by Picasa