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Today was rather excited.  I was going to take Kyra to the lake for the day of swimming and messing around, she on the other hand had other ideas.  She wanted to go shopping.  So, we went shopping….I gave her birthday money and we went dress buying.


We rode on the scooter. I tied a belt fabric belt around Kyra and sat on it for extra protection, but she is a master of holding on.  The scooter tops out at 45 miles an hour, so it is a fun little ride on the back roads.

We shopped, she got 4 dresses, a pair of shoes these are for her birthday.  That is all that I am officially getting her, but I have planned to get her things for at my annual rock club picnic that happens to fall on her birthday.  I’m going to get her a bunch of cheap gifts and wrap them and give them to the other people to give to her.  She’ll think she is in heaven.

 _DSC0846 We went to the town fireworks and she danced with the band and collected candy at the candy crawl.  It was fun.

It was a pretty good show.


Happy 4th of July…. Thanks to everyone serving our country.