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Today was one of those strange days for me.  It was for the most part a normal day. 

I went and did my Circuit City, Sears, and Walmart jobs today.  They all went well. It took me about 4 hours though.

I got home watched TV with Stan.  We are really into Law and Order here lately.  I am sort of hoping that this will fade though.  We need some happier show to watch.  I really don’t like the Andy Griffith Show which is another of his favorites.

Stan almost made me cry though today.  He was looking at me with this weird smile on his face, like thinking or staring…who knows. 

I said “Are you okay?” with all this sugar stuff going on I am asking him that seemingly all the time. 

He replied, “I’m just happy” with this look in his eye.  It was a tear starting to water his eye.  LOL… 

I said, “Happy??”, sort of like what are you talking about?

He says, “Yeah, Happy to be here.” The tear fell from his eye. 

I know that sounds just dumb, but it was really touching and a huge compliment in the way he said it.

This is when Cathy and Kristy from across the street came and told us the bad news on Sara.  I was pretty shocked.

Tom came and brought garbage out and a fence tester for our electric fence.  (He brings garbage when he has to much at his house.  They charge him like $3 a bag when it overflows his allowance.  We get free service.)  The garbage was mostly the left overs from out garage sale as well.

I got a huge headache at that time.  I think my brain was fried from just the stress of thinking about Sara.  I actually took a nap.  I slept from 6-8.

I woke up and we went to the fireworks in town.  It started raining slightly at the end.  I got a pizza from Pizza Hut and ate almost 1/2 of it on the way home.

We went down to Robin’s and hugged her for a few minutes.  It is heart wrenching though.  She looked better than I thought she would.  Her mascara wasn’t smeared or anything.

Kyra got home and did something amazing.  She 99% of the time falls asleep in the living room with either me or Adam.  She walked herself into her bed, climbed in and went to sleep within a minute.  I don’t think she has ever fallen asleep in her bed without us at least laying beside her.

That is about it.  Oh, and can you believe this.  I forgot my camera for the fireworks.  I didn’t take a single picture today.  I am going to fireworks again on the 13th, so I will have pictures than.  That is a better show usually too.

Good Night…