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We do all the things that normal people do!  However, I went camping in a tent for the first time.  Yes, I had been camping in my life.  My parents had a “pop-up” camper when I was a kid and I have slept many a night in that.  I went to summer camp with the 4-H and slept in large canvas permanent structure like tents, but this was my very first time sleeping in a little zippy tent.  We had an air mattress, so we may have yet been cheating.

Anyways, we went to Curwensville Lake Recreational Area and met Jason, Missy and Haley for the night.  It was great.  Both our girls are so cute, but so very different.  Haley is a little ball of energy, can’t stop.  Kyra like sitting in your lap and relaxing a bit.  She is so much more calm and easy going.  It is amazing the differences.

She was with her dad than over 4th of July.  I got her back late at night.  We went out to dinner and stuff on Thursday night the 3rd.  We went fishing in the rain the morning of the 4th.  I caught about 8 bluegill and 1 perch fish.  We put them back of course.  Stephen caught a couple little bass and some bluegill too.  Steve caught about 9 little bass.  We were using different baits.  I used worms.

We went and saw fireworks after that and then went to the club with a bunch of friends.  It was fun.

I got Kyra after that in the evening.  She came and Saturday we went to a party.  She rode her trike around and we had it so she could watch TV upstairs in peace if she wanted.  She is all about other people though.  She was held by a girl named Lea a lot that day.

Sunday we went bowling and out to lunch.

See, I am doing things everyday.  That is why my site here is getting less action.  I don’t sit at home all that much anymore.  My life used to be overtly boring and it is much less so now even though I have much less money.

Everything is going good at work, I think I had a record day here last week.  I sold 9 policies in one day.  I didn’t get to eat that day, too busy.  LOL…  There is always work though in my office.  I am way behind on filing.

Anyways, that is what is going on.  I have photos, but still in camera.