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Today was rather boring.  I had fun with Kyra though, we played every game we have.  She watched a lot of Caillou today. 

We were outside a good bit we fixed the pig all up.  She is ever so grumpy in the barn out there.  It seems very much colder too with her being the only animal there.  I think the goats helped keep it warm in the past, so poor barbeque is all alone in a freezing cold barn.  I think that would suck so badly.  I feel bad for her.  I made her a hay bed which consists of 2 full bales of hay.  I think she liked that.

We went to Stephen’s in the afternoon and Kyra fell asleep on his bed with his dog.  We were supposed to go to Amanda’s party from 4 to 6, but Kyra was sleeping so good at 3:45 that I couldn’t wake her.  I woke her about 4:15 though and we headed to the party.  Only one little thing, we went to her house and the party was somewhere else.  I think I was told, but it all didn’t register or something.

I called and called and nobody answered because obviously we were late and the party was started.

I never did make it to the party, but I learned it was at a skating rink of which I still don’t know where it is at.  I think Amanda will come over tomorrow to get her little gift card.

I bought panty hose yesterday for my interview, yeah I am going to wear a skirt suit thing.  So anyways, I bought these panty hose.  Today I was looking at them with this sort of nervous feeling.  I had bought size A.  It is for people 4 foot to 5 foot and like under 90 lbs.  Wow, good think I saw that.

So today I went back to the store and traded them in for a size C.  Taller and much fatter me should be good now.  LOL…

Kyra was hungry after all this and she slept.  We were planning for cake and ice cream, so I took her to McDonald’s and she had a happy meal.  I waited to get home to eat to save money.  She ate almost the whole meal though.

We are home now and I think I am going to bed early.  I did stay up pretty late last night.